Woolington is a kingdom, inhabited by sheep people known as the Baas.

It appears in Gem Kingdom, the Knight Stack of Boom Blox. It is also known as Good Castle.


The actual castle is full of large fortlike structures to defend gems, which are guarded by Baas and the occasional Marion McCluck. There are woods surrounding the kingdom which are full of ancient ruins that are full of Gem Blox, possibly left behind by an ancient civilization.

History Edit

The history of the kingdom is limited, but three key events are shown in the game and are as follows.

Great Gem HuntEdit

An expedition by several Baas into the ancient forest ruins. Using the toys of the player they gathered a plethora of gems to bring back to the castle.

Invasion by Grrs Edit

After the forementioned gem hunt, the bear people known as Grrs (with assistance from Zero Bandito) attacked the castle in an attempt to steal the gems and, apparently, incinerate them. What they would accomplish by this is unknown. Anyhow, with the help of the player, the Woolington kindom was able to drive back the invaders.

Monkey War Edit

The entire castle was celebrating the defeat of the Grrs when the Ooks, or monkey people, snuck in and made off with the gems back to their own kingdom. Enraged, the Baas laid seige to their evil castle. As they destroyed each obstacle the Ooks set up to stop them, they recovered their stolen gems. With the players help, they defeated all the Ooks and got back all their stolen gems.