Ice BloxEdit

Ice Blox are Blox made of ice, hence the name Ice Blox. Seen in Both games, they appear as light gray wooden Blox, but if a character or block moves on them, they start to slide around. Making for a good way to play cooler, enhanced games of your choice in Boom Blox and Bash Party.

Ice Immobile BloxEdit

Ice Immobile Blox are Blox that appear in Both Games. As it's name might hint, they act like immobile Blox that other Blox and characters will slide along, making interesting puzzles and rube goldbergs possible.

They can be a very big pain in hard levels which include these slippery rogues, like the space levels and the explore levels, when either Icy Blox are around, be careful around them!

Levels that include either Blox:Edit

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