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"Tell me how you did it, JRefleX93! Hoowww?!?!"

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The secrets! First off, here's a story... A while ago when I was making Labyrinth 3, I encountered a weird glitch (when your level's memory is full and your game is laggy, you can make weird stuff happen). What happened was this: I group selected a few blocks to move them somewhere else. When I tried to put them in the right spot, I realized that one was IN BETWEEN two spaces on the grid (it was a Push block). After I had that one weird piece, I was able to put other blox of different types next to it, so I could group-select them WITH the Push block. Then I could rotate it around in different ways. I even found a way (combining group selects, copying, and rotating) so I could get a block in the middle of 4 grid squares. I still haven't gotten a block floating in the middle of 8 grid squares though.

How I made the Magic level:

1) (see #2) I used the hull block pattern in #2 and painted them as normal blocks. 2) I just experimented with these in-between blocks. I found that when a block is in-between 2 or 4 spaces, you can put other blocks halfway inside of them if you put them on from the top. I got some wedge blocks involved as well. 3) Using the weird in-between blocks, I found you can put them halfway inside the ground if you group select and rotate them all. 4) If you group select a sphere with something else (or another sphere) you can paint it with whatever you like. Multi-hit Vanish and Hull spheres are invisible. Painting them as Jingle blox has no effect. 5) I used Push blox inside of each other. Just group select 2 or more Push blox and you you can put them inside of other Push blox. This also works for Point multipliers to create different colors. 6) There are 4 Red Hull spheres holding up the house. 7) Fun with spawners... it looks like the multi-hit vanish sphere from #4 rolled into the glass spawner area. 8) More spawner stuff. 9) The monkey throws a ball at the cow, but hits the Vapor block. The Vapor block and the cow are both on a spawner. But how did I get a cow spawner??

PS- There are transparent immobile blox used throughout the level.

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