Boom Bux is the currency on Boom Blox Bash Party.

Boom Bux (Blox)Edit

Boom Bux (Blox) are in most of the levels on Boom Blox Bash Party. These Blox are usually hidden in certain places in each level, and you have to find them and make them touch or escape to the floor of the level. Boom Bux (Blox) have the letter B on their fronts and backs. These 3-dimensional Blox are cubes. Their sizes are 1x1x1. The first time you find the Blox and blast them to the floor and restart, lose the level, or win the level, they will turn into Normal Blox.


Boom Bux allows you to buy things such as toys, characters, blox, paints, and even more. You can also use them to buy new mini-levels (the levels after the current level), groups of mini levels, and even jobs (groups of groups of mini levels).