In Boom Blox Bash Party, there is some special Blox that were presumably hacked back in to enhance the game, examples are the Famous magnet Blox, flat Blox and "super" push Blox. They might have been beta elements removed for causing sometimes hilarious glitches or other types of havoc, down below is a list of the banned blox

Banned BloxEdit

  • Magnet blox, keeps other Blox of same color and type (red,yellow,green and blue) together, is used for candy machines.
  • Super push blox are push Blox which make the characters go more fast when flying. They are even used in Jreflex's (96?) "the blades" the final cut of the Epic Fail series in Boom Blox.
  • Flat Blox are Blox which have been flattened and are not obtainable through legitamate sources and are available through online level browsing
  • Ball Blox are obtainable by looking through online levels or by using spawners.

These Blox are currently banned and are only obtainable via browsing certain online levels like The Blades or special Rube Goldbergs thrown together by the friendly community of Boom Blox Bash Party.

There will be a Gallery for the Blox, and some videos of the Blox.

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