These Blox have spherical bodies and a black color with two yellow stars painted on the surface.

Boom Blox Edit

On Boom Blox, the only way to get them is with a pre-made set that contains a 2x2x2 ball.

Boom Blox Bash PartyEdit

In Boom Blox Bash Party, balls can be obtained by downloading the level called Ball Assortment from EA which contains balls from 1x1x1 to 6x6x6

also they can be obtained on a level on the space stack

properties Edit

the spheres are non-resisable, have the same properties as a normal blox and never change color or apearence.

ball painting Edit

Use the select tool on the balls and then go to paints,and choose any paint and press A on the balls on your Wiimote.

for example:Paint the ball a chemical paint,then it will act like a Chemical Blox.

Mastered from:JReflex93 on Youtube.